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The Near Coming of the Lord


Bible teacher Janice Valvano clarifies the symbolism in biblical prophecies. Then she offers an intriguing interpretation of what the prophecies promise will happen soon, during the lifetime of many alive today.

The Near Coming of the Lord is available in a paperback format.

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Right now, the Antichrist is preparing to take center stage in the cosmic battle between good and evil, between God and Satan. The Antichrist will go to war, literally and figuratively. There will be wars fought with bullets and bombs. Wars fought with lying words and empty promises. Culture wars, fought with power plays and intimidation.

Jesus reassures us: “Do not be afraid” (see John 14:27). God is in control. The Tribulation leads to the Near Coming of the Lord, when Jesus returns. On that Day, God wins; Satan loses.

Bible teacher Janice Valvano received insights as God showed her multiple passages of Scripture which reveal clear-cut patterns in the Bible. These patterns show the future with remarkable clarity. Janice provides clear explanations, so you can make sense of the symbolism in the Bible and understand what will happen soon—during the lifetime of many living today.

Long ago, the biblical prophet Daniel was told that understanding of a prophecy he had heard would remain a secret until the time of the end (see Daniel 12:4–9). We are rapidly approaching the end of an age, but not the end of the world. Right now, at the end of this age, God is revealing the long-hidden meaning in biblical prophecies, giving our generation a picture of what God plans to do soon in the near future and later in the far future.

God wants us to seek His provision and protection, on natural and supernatural levels, so we’re prepared for the long-awaited return of Jesus Christ.

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